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Vio Statue-in'
* xShadow-Linkx temporally left the main group since they were probably arguing over where to go next. Well either way if they were or weren't he would be able to easily track them down as long as a Zelda was with them. After all those princesses do have a strong holy aura that came off of them and it was much easier to detect now with nearly ever single living thing stoned. Anyway Shadow was cautiously walking through what was once the lost woods. As he was looking around he noticed a familiar figure and ran towards it. "Goh....!!" He stopped dead in his tracks at what he say before his eyes. Gohma.....she was .... a lifeless stone like everything else. Tears started to form in his eyes and and walked over to the statue of her and curled up and silently started to cry. Not only has he bro forgotten about him but also stoned someone that cared for him. It made him wonder if his master had fallen into the squid's grasp.
Vio had also left the group, partially
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Kill a Link or Two, Save a Life
Some time back, a civilian girl had told the Violet Link about the return of the evil king Ganondorf. At the time, the somewhat stubborn hero had refused to believe it, despite her insistence and even her tale of trying (and failing quite miserably) to stop the Gerudo man. However, recent events had led Vio to realize that her story wasn't quite as ridiculous he thought. Mainly, that would be him finding Ganon's Castle. However, being only ¼ of a hero and lacking the legendary Master Sword, he knew that he was no match for Ganon. Vio was smarter than that. So he had to recruit others. His other colored clones were missing in action AGAIN. seriously it's like they abandoned him. Because of the merged Hyrule, however, he knew that other Links from other timelines would exist. He'd started his search in Castle Town, scanning the area for REALLY FAMILIAR-LOOKING blonde people.
As a REALLY FAMILIAR-LOOKING blond person, he was strolling in Castle Town in a r
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RP Log: Palace Ball Dance
* Vio-Link insert Vio starting to freak out here.
* Four-SwordsZelda And cue ZELDA!
* Four-SwordsZelda She's in a pretty white and yellow dress.
* Vio-Link sees Zelda. All dressed up and pretty. He blushes slightly, then pushes up his glasses. "Ah, Princess, you're alright. I was beginning to get worried. And he starts to calm down.
Oh! Haha yeah sorry, my attendants wouldn't just let me go...
I hope I didn't worry you too much!
* Vio-Link "They shouldn't worry so much. There's at least one Link here, plus your, erm, boyfriend" He wondered if she had found the flower that he had left for her.
* Four-SwordsZelda She nods! "I mean really, haaah. I'm fine." She did indeed find it, it's tucked into her hair. c':
* Vio-Link then notices it. He smiles, "You look really pretty with that flower in your hair. Was it one of your hairdressers' ideas?"
* Four-SwordsZelda Blushes! "Oh actually, I found this on my bed!
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ID +glasses by Vio-Link ID +glasses :iconvio-link:Vio-Link 0 0
Crack: Gravity in Hyrule
(( I need a 6 letter name for my fem oc troll.*hasnoideaforone* ;n; ))
*thrown into the middle of nowhere without any books*
Wha---oof >.o *faceground*
*Making that face. Perfectly*
*has a swordsman on his head* >:| *pushes off*
Keep your ass off my head. *straightens hat*
*Flails arms and gets face out of the ground*
*baffled stare*]]
((i will. l: ))
*reaches for book, finds none* ....
TITS. *Stares at book conveniently found*
((i just have a hard time with crack rps. :c ))
((just go with the flow?
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United States
Basic Information

Name: Vio ( Would rather not be called Violet, thank you. )
Age: 14
Hair color: Strawberry Blond
Eye Color: Airy Blue

Weapon of choice: Bow & Arrows

Our Dear Princess
:iconfour-swordszelda: Princess Zelda- Beautiful, graceful, kind, and generous princess of Hyrule.

:iconfs-greenlink: :iconfs-bluelink: :iconfour-swords-red: Green, Red, and Blue - My counterparts, a moronic bunch but important nonetheless. They never seem to be around when assistance is needed anymore.


:iconwind-sorcerer-vaati: Vaati - An evil sorcerer bound to destroy everything he touches.
:icondevevil-lord-ganondorf: Ganondorf - a powerful, spiteful king.
:iconxshadow-linkx: - The shadow of us, a powerful foe - a sad fellow indeed.

Personality: A rather calm and collected man, who spends a majority of his time reading books. While of course, he often ventures into the outside world, he prefers to keep to himself rather than associate with others. He’s the type to come when called for - only if the situation is dire.

He is intellectual and thoughtful. When the situation calls for it, he often has a plan. Although it is mostly trial and error, they usually seem to work.

(Roleplay account for Legend-of-ZeldaRP-da )
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Everything was calm at the Links' house, but of course that was only because Vio was the only one home at the moment. That serenity would change soon enough when the other clones returned.

....Wherever they were. Huh. He wondered where they'd run off to. That was unusual.



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Warrior-Moon Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you the Vio from Moonrise? ouo
TheLegendofChu Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Student Writer
((Want to do a comment RP?))
Twilit-Link Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
(( poops this here ))

Conveniently happens upon the young hero's house which was well enough because he needed a place to stay the night. While he could have easily stayed with the rest of the resistance, he knew Telma had her hands full and he didn't want to worry her too much.

Knock knock motherfucker.
Gerudo-Namoori Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
(( Because I need to actually do something for once lol ))

Namoori was pretty bored. That was putting it lightly, actually. The explosion of Death Mountain might have been a change, but it really didn't affect her too much, since she didn't live anywhere near there anyway, and didn't know anyone from the area, either. Aside from keeping herself and Rigoro alive, there really wasn't much to do. So, she just wandered around, trying to find something, ANYTHING to amuse herself.

Rigoro hopped around curiously, sniffing at their surroundings excitedly, ocasionally having to pull himself away from something interesting so he could dash back up to her. Namoori watched him and couldn't help finding it a bit humorous. At least someone was enjoying himself.

Finally Namoori decided to head to Hyrule Castle Town. It wasn't like she had anything better to do. And she kinda felt like practicing her pick-pocketing. When they arrived, she tried to keep a low profile, but it was a bit tricky, considering she was being followed by a hyper baby dragon with a tendency to squeak loudly at passersby. That was bound to attract a few odd looks.

Especially when said dragon decided to run off and jump on a purple-clad guy who was unfortunate enough to attract Rigoro's attention, if only by accident. It was probably those weird clothes, Namoori decided. Then the next thing Namoori noticed was the sword strapped to his back. UH-OH.

"RIGORO!!! NO WAIT DON'T HURT HIM!!!" Cue the panic attack. Guess this means pickpocketing practice will have to wait...
Energy-Apple Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
(( Casually doing this early ))

CC was frustrated. Not discouraged, but frustrated. That stupid kid lied to him! The other Links he met didn't have any element. He'd ultimately just been a source of stained clothes and wasted time. And they were so mean! Ugh. So for once CC was a stumpy little blob 'sitting' on a tree stump, pouting. Where could he find some stupid elemen...t?

Sniff. Sniff.

CC straightened up, his huge multicoloured eyes rolling all about without any muscles to restrict them. Element. He could sense... element. Charged full of excitement like a sparking Blue Chu, CC began bouncing around, looking for the source of the energy.
Vio-Link Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
That source of energy, unknown to himself, was the violet Link, who was in the forest writing down notes in a book. A notebook, anyway. He had been observing some ordinary chuchus, trying to determine how they ate. Completely unaware of CC's intentions, he walked right by.
Energy-Apple Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
Well that silly old purple Link was about to find out! This Link looked to be a child... about the age same as the one that had stolen his element! That was CC's second observation. The third was that this Link was purple, just like his element! How suspicious! Now sure that this was the same thief, the Chu-Chu squirmed in the ground where Vio could not see him before lunging and grabbing the hero by the back, and cue the trademark- "ELEMEENNNTTTT!!"
Vio-Link Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
"Wh-- aaah!" Vio didn't have time to react before a green chuchu LATCHED TO HIS BACK. What the fuck Chus weren't supposed to do this. He tried to grab for his sword, but it was on his back and therefor immersed in the jelly. Nonononono "Get off me!!" He flopped backwards onto the ground in an attempt to squish it.
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Energy-Apple Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
(( gimme my elemeeeeeeeent ))
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